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A-A-56032 (MIL-I-43553)
Ink Marking, Epoxy Base

Colors Black #17038 and White #17875 (2-Part, Standard Formulation) are RoHS3 Directive 2015/863 Compliant.

This is a room temperature cure two-part epoxy ink. Dries to touch in 6-8 hours. Dries to handle in 24-hours.
Single Component, Heat Cure also available. CofC, TDS, and SDS included.
May also be heat force cured.
Kit consist of Base Componenet + Catalyst Component.
Each Kit meets Type I, II & III.
Type I : General Usage
Type II : Nonconductive ink (e.g., printed wiring boards)
Type III : Outside exposure.

2-Component Kit, Semi-Paste, Shelf Life: 12-Months

Part Identification Number (PIN) Format translation (Par. 7.1 of specification A-A-56032):
AA56032-IBLK = A-A-56032, Type I Black
AA56032-IIYEL = A-A-56032, Type II Yellow
AA56032-IIIWHT = A-A-56032, Type III White FS-#17875
Note: "FS"= FED-STD-595. If the first digit of the FS-# is a "1" then the color is "Gloss", if the first digit is a "2" then it is a Semi-Gloss", if the first digit is a "3" then it is a "Lusterless".

CofC,TDS, and SDS included.
Note: Spreading an ink film at 11" x 11" x .005" equals approximately 0.60 in3; which is approximately 10 cubic centimeters {10cc }.

  • 10cc kit Normally in stock for colors Black FS-#17038 and White FS-#17875.
  • 1-Quart kit, 1-Gallon Kit and 1-Pint kits are Made-to-Order. 2-Part kit Shelf Life: 12-months. Single Component Shelf Life: 6-months. Ships 14-21 days.
All FED-STD-595 colors other than those listed are available by special order.
***Standard formulation kits, viscosity 30,000 - 40,000 cps, are normally used with a rubber stamp.
***Silk Screen formulated kit viscosity 5,000 - 10,000 cps.

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